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Things To Do In Zurich – Best Tourist Attractions In Zurich

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If you are looking for things to do in Zurich, you will not be disappointed. Zurich is a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and a stunning natural scenery. Whether you are interested in art, history, architecture, or nature, you will find something to suit your taste. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Zurich that you should not miss. From museums and churches to parks and lakes, these are the top tourist attractions in Zurich that will make your trip unforgettable. Things to do in Zurich are endless, so let’s get started!

Looking for things to do in Zurich? Discover the best tourist attractions in Zurich:

  1. Old Town: The historic heart of Zurich with medieval and Renaissance buildings, charming streets, and museums.
  2. Lake Zurich: A scenic lake that stretches along the city and offers boat tours, cruises, and water sports.
  3. Uetliberg Mountain: A popular viewpoint that overlooks the city and the lake, reachable by train or hiking trails.
  4. Zoo Zurich: A modern zoo that houses more than 300 animal species in natural habitats, including a rainforest hall and a snow leopard enclosure.
  5. Kunsthaus Zurich: The city’s premier art museum that showcases works by Swiss and international artists, from medieval to contemporary.
  6. Bahnhofstrasse: The main shopping street in Zurich that features luxury boutiques, department stores, and cafes.
  7. Lindenhof Hill: A historic site that offers panoramic views of the city and the river, as well as a park and a chess area.
  8. Grossmunster: A Romanesque church that dates back to the 12th century and features twin towers, stained glass windows, and a crypt.
  9. Niederdorf: A lively district in the Old Town that is filled with restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops.
  10. Fraumunster: A Gothic church that is famous for its stained glass windows by Marc Chagall and Augusto Giacometti.
  11. Swiss National Museum: A museum that displays the cultural and historical heritage of Switzerland, from prehistoric to modern times.
  12. Rietberg Museum: A museum that exhibits art and artifacts from Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania, as well as a beautiful park and a cafe.
  13. Botanical Garden: A garden that showcases more than 9,000 plant species from around the world, as well as greenhouses and ponds.
  14. Chinese Garden: A gift from Zurich’s sister city Kunming, this garden is a tranquil oasis that features a pond, a pavilion, and a tea house.
  15. Landesmuseum: A castle-like building that houses the largest collection of Swiss cultural history, from ancient to present times.
  16. Opera House: A neoclassical building that hosts opera, ballet, and musical performances by renowned artists and companies.
  17. Beyer Clock and Watch Museum: A museum that displays the history and craftsmanship of clocks and watches, from ancient to modern times.
  18. St. Peter’s Church: The oldest church in Zurich that boasts the largest clock face in Europe, as well as a baroque interior and a tower gallery.
  19. Museum of Design: A museum that showcases design in various fields, such as graphic, industrial, fashion, and digital.
  20. Fluntern Cemetery: A peaceful cemetery that is the final resting place of famous personalities such as James Joyce, Elias Canetti, and Johanna Spyri.
  21. Limmatquai: A picturesque promenade along the Limmat river that connects the Old Town with the newer parts of the city.
  22. Museum Rietberg Park-Villa Wesendonck: A villa that was once home to Richard Wagner’s patroness Mathilde Wesendonck, now part of the Rietberg Museum complex.
  23. Buerkliplatz Flea Market: A weekly flea market that offers a variety of goods, from antiques to clothes to books.
  24. Polybahn Funicular: A historic funicular that connects the Central station with the ETH Zurich university campus on a hilltop.
  25. Le Corbusier House: A modernist building designed by Le Corbusier that serves as a museum and an event venue.
  26. Migros Museum of Contemporary Art: A museum that exhibits contemporary art by Swiss and international artists in various media.
  27. Zurich West: A former industrial area that has been transformed into a trendy district with art galleries, restaurants, bars, and clubs.
  28. FIFA World Football Museum: A museum dedicated to the history and culture of football, featuring interactive exhibits, memorabilia, and a cinema.
  29. Cabaret Voltaire: A historic venue that was the birthplace of the Dada art movement in 1916, now a cultural center and a bar.
  30. Zurichhorn Park: A park that offers a relaxing green space by the lake, with playgrounds, sculptures, and a Chinese garden.
  31. Museum of Digital Art: A museum that showcases digital art by emerging and established artists, using projection, sound, and interactive installations.
  32. Kunsthalle Zurich: A contemporary art center that presents exhibitions, events, and publications by local and international artists.
  33. Lindt Home of Chocolate: A chocolate museum and factory that offers tours, tastings, workshops, and a chocolate fountain.
  34. Thermalbad & Spa Zurich: A spa that offers a unique experience of bathing in thermal water on a rooftop with views of the city.
  35. Prime Tower: The tallest building in Zurich that houses offices, restaurants, bars, and a viewing platform.
  36. Zurich Toy Museum: A museum that displays a collection of toys from the 18th to the 20th century, including dolls, teddy bears, trains, and cars.
  37. North America Native Museum: A museum that exhibits the art and culture of the indigenous peoples of North America, from Alaska to Mexico.
  38. Focus Terra: A museum that explores the topics of geology, mineralogy, and geophysics, with exhibits, models, and multimedia.
  39. Tram Museum Zurich: A museum that showcases the history and development of the tram system in Zurich, with vintage trams and a simulator.
  40. Zurich Succulent Plant Collection: A garden that houses more than 6,000 species of succulent plants from around the world.

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