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Travel Diary: Lublin, Poland

by danize.com@gmail.com

I recently visited Lublin, a beautiful city in eastern Poland, for three days. Here is a summary of my trip and the attractions and highlights I saw.

Day 1: I arrived in Lublin from Warsaw by train in the morning. I checked in at the hostel’s name, a cozy and affordable place near the old town. I spent the rest of the day exploring the old town, which is full of historical and cultural monuments. I visited the Lublin Castle, which houses a museum and a stunning chapel with Byzantine frescoes. I also saw the Trinity Tower, the Crown Tribunal, and the Krakow Gate. I enjoyed walking along the cobblestone streets and admiring the colorful buildings and churches.

Day 2: I dedicated this day to learning more about the Jewish history and heritage of Lublin. I took a bus to the former Majdanek concentration camp, which is now a memorial and museum. It was a sobering and moving experience to see the barracks, gas chambers, and crematoriums where thousands of people were killed during World War II. I also visited the Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva, which was once a prestigious center of Jewish learning and is now a library and cultural center. In the afternoon, I went to the Grodzka Gate, which used to separate the Christian and Jewish quarters of the city. It is now a museum that documents the history and culture of Lublin’s Jews. I also saw the remains of the old synagogue and the Jewish cemetery.

Day 3: On my last day, I decided to see some of the natural and artistic attractions of Lublin. I took a bike ride along the Bystrzyca river, which runs through the city and offers scenic views. I stopped at the Botanical Garden, which has a variety of plants and flowers from different regions of the world. I also visited the Open Air Village Museum, which showcases traditional rural architecture and folk art from Lublin region. In the evening, I went to the Centre for Culture, which hosts various events and exhibitions related to contemporary art and culture. I enjoyed watching a performance by a local theater group.

The next day, I left Lublin by bus to Zamość, another historical city in eastern Poland. I had a wonderful time in Lublin and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a rich and diverse culture in Poland.

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