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Tulum Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Things to do

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Tulum is a popular destination in Mexico, known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and natural wonders. If you are planning a trip to Tulum, here are some of the top attractions and sights that you should not miss:

  • Tulum Archaeological Site: This is the most famous attraction in Tulum, where you can admire the remains of a Mayan city that dates back to the 13th century. The site is located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and features several temples, palaces, and a castle. You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the sunrise or sunset from here.
  • Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve: This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that covers over 1.3 million acres of tropical forests, wetlands, lagoons, and coral reefs. You can explore this diverse ecosystem by boat, kayak, bike, or on foot, and see a variety of wildlife such as monkeys, crocodiles, flamingos, and dolphins.
  • Cenotes: These are natural sinkholes that form when limestone caves collapse and fill with water. They are scattered throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, and offer a unique opportunity to swim, snorkel, or dive in crystal-clear water. Some of the most popular cenotes in Tulum are Dos Ojos, Gran Cenote, Calavera, and Zacil-Ha.
  • Parque Nacional Tulum: This is a national park that encompasses part of the Tulum Archaeological Site and several beaches. You can enjoy a relaxing day on the white sand, swim in the turquoise water, or rent a bike and explore the trails. You can also visit the Casa Cenote Museum, which displays artifacts and information about the history and culture of Tulum.
  • Zona Hotelera: This is the main tourist area in Tulum, where you can find a range of hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, and spas. You can also access some of the best beaches in Tulum from here, such as Playa Paraiso, Playa Pescadores, and Playa Ruinas. You can also join various tours and activities from here, such as snorkeling with turtles, ziplining through the jungle, or visiting nearby attractions like Coba or Chichen Itza.

These are just some of the top attractions and sights that you can enjoy in Tulum.

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