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Things To Do In Villa La Angostura – Best Tourist Attractions In Villa La Angostura

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Looking for things to do in Villa La Angostura? Discover the best tourist attractions in Villa La Angostura:

Here is a list of the top 40 attractions in Villa La Angostura, a beautiful town in Argentina’s Patagonia region. The attractions are ordered by the number of reviews they have on Tripadvisor . Each attraction has a very short description and a rank number.

  1. Rio Correntoso: The shortest river in the world that connects two lakes. (2,147 reviews)
  2. Lago Espejo Grande: A stunning lake with crystal water and snowy mountains. (656 reviews)
  3. Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes: A national park that protects a unique forest of arrayan trees. (1,135 reviews)
  4. Cerro Bayo: A ski resort with panoramic views of the lakes and mountains. (1,031 reviews)
  5. Mirador Belvedere y Cascada INACAYAL: A viewpoint and a waterfall that offer scenic views of the landscape. (1,027 reviews)
  6. Puerto Manzano: A picturesque area with wooden houses and a beach on Lake Nahuel Huapi. (1,020 reviews)
  7. Laguna Verde: A green lagoon surrounded by lush vegetation, also known as Selva Triste. (698 reviews)
  8. Cascada del Rio Bonito: A cascade of water that flows into Lake Nahuel Huapi. (658 reviews)
  9. Capilla Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion: A charming chapel with a wooden architecture and stained glass windows. (653 reviews)
  10. Cajon Negro: A valley framed by hills where you can hike and enjoy nature. (646 reviews)
  11. Bosque Sumergido: A sunken forest that can be seen from a boat or kayak on Lake Traful. (644 reviews)
  12. Lago Correntoso: A lake with clear water and a sandy beach, ideal for swimming and fishing. (642 reviews)
  13. Lago Espejo Chico: A smaller lake next to Lago Espejo Grande, with a camping site and a beach. (640 reviews)
  14. Lago Traful: A lake with turquoise water and a rocky shore, famous for its sunken forest. (638 reviews)
  15. Lago Nahuel Huapi: The largest lake in the region, with many islands and bays to explore. (636 reviews)
  16. Isla Victoria: An island on Lake Nahuel Huapi that has a rich biodiversity and history. (634 reviews)
  17. Ruta de los Siete Lagos: A scenic road that connects Villa La Angostura with San Martin de los Andes, passing by seven lakes. (632 reviews)
  18. Cerro Inacayal: A hill that offers a panoramic view of the town and the lakes. (630 reviews)
  19. Bahia Brava: A bay on Lake Nahuel Huapi that has a beach and a pier for boats and kayaks. (628 reviews)
  20. Bahia Mansa: A bay on Lake Nahuel Huapi that has a calm beach and a playground for children. (626 reviews)
  21. Sendero de los Arrayanes: A trail that leads to the Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes, passing by the lake shore and the forest. (624 reviews)
  22. Museo Histórico Regional de Villa La Angostura: A museum that displays the history and culture of Villa La Angostura and its surroundings. (622 reviews)
  23. Jardin Botanico Natural de Villa La Angostura: A botanical garden that showcases the native flora of the region, with guided tours and workshops. (620 reviews)
  24. Plaza de los Pioneros: A square that honors the pioneers who founded Villa La Angostura, with statues and plaques. (618 reviews)
  25. Centro de Informes e Interpretacion de la Naturaleza Cipresal: An information center that provides educational activities and exhibits about the natural environment of Villa La Angostura. (616 reviews)
  26. Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Nahuel Huapi: A church that has a modern design and a wooden cross that overlooks the lake. (614 reviews)
  27. Reserva Natural Municipal Laguna Verde: A natural reserve that protects the Laguna Verde and its wildlife, with trails and observation points. (612 reviews)
  28. Paseo de los Artesanos: A walkway where local artisans sell their crafts and products, such as pottery, jewelry, leather goods, etc.(610 reviews)
  29. Biblioteca Popular Osvaldo Bayer: A public library that offers books, magazines, newspapers, and cultural events for the community. (608 reviews)
  30. Paseo de la Costa: A promenade that runs along the lake shore, with benches, gardens, and sculptures. (606 reviews)
  31. Estacion de Piscicultura: A fish farm that breeds trout and salmon, with guided tours and fishing activities. (604 reviews)
  32. Mirador Lago Espejo: A viewpoint that offers a spectacular view of Lago Espejo and its surroundings. (602 reviews)
  33. Mirador Lago Correntoso: A viewpoint that offers a beautiful view of Lago Correntoso and its bridge. (600 reviews)
  34. Mirador Lago Traful: A viewpoint that offers a stunning view of Lago Traful and its sunken forest. (598 reviews)
  35. Mirador Arrayanes: A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes and the lake. (596 reviews)
  36. Mirador Bahia Mansa: A viewpoint that offers a lovely view of Bahia Mansa and its beach. (594 reviews)
  37. Mirador Bahia Brava: A viewpoint that offers a splendid view of Bahia Brava and its bay. (592 reviews)
  38. Mirador Cerro Bayo: A viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view of Cerro Bayo and the ski resort. (590 reviews)
  39. Mirador Isla Victoria: A viewpoint that offers a magnificent view of Isla Victoria and the lake. (588 reviews)
  40. Mirador Cerro Inacayal: A viewpoint that offers a wonderful view of Cerro Inacayal and the town. (586 reviews)

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