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Werregarenstraat is a unique street art project in the city of Ghent, Belgium. It is also known as Graffiti Street, because it is the only place in the city where graffiti artists can legally express themselves. The street is a narrow alley that runs between two buildings, and it is constantly changing with new artworks and messages. The street is open to the public and free to visit, but it is not accessible by car.

The best time to visit is during daylight hours, when you can see the colors and details of the artworks better. The street is also more crowded during weekends and holidays, so you might want to avoid those times if you prefer a quieter experience.

To get to Werregarenstraat, you can take public transportation or walk from the city center. The closest tram stop is Korenmarkt, which is about 10 minutes away by foot. You can also take bus number 3 or 17 and get off at Sint-Jacobs. From there, you can walk for about 5 minutes to reach the street. Alternatively, you can rent a bike from one of the many bike stations in Ghent and cycle to Werregarenstraat.

There are no official tours of Werregarenstraat, but you can explore the street on your own or with a guidebook. You can also join a free walking tour of Ghent that includes Werregarenstraat as one of the stops. These tours are offered by local volunteers who share their knowledge and passion for the city. You can find more information and book a tour online at https://www.freetour.com/ghent.

Werregarenstraat is a place where you can see a variety of styles and themes of street art, from political messages and social commentary to abstract shapes and colorful characters. You can also see how the street evolves over time, as new artworks are added and old ones are covered up or modified. Some of the artworks are signed by their creators, while others are anonymous. You can try to spot some of the famous graffiti artists who have left their mark on Werregarenstraat, such as ROA, Bue the Warrior, Resto, and Bué.

Some tips for visiting Werregarenstraat are:

  • Bring a camera or a smartphone to capture the artworks and share them on social media. You can also use hashtags like #werregarenstraat or #graffitistreet to join the online community of street art lovers.
  • Respect the artworks and do not touch or damage them. If you want to add your own graffiti, make sure you do it on an empty spot or on top of an old artwork that has faded away.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and watch out for other visitors, cyclists, and cars that might pass by the street. Do not block the entrance or exit of the street or cause any disturbance to the neighbors.
  • Enjoy the street art and have fun!

Some prohibitions for visiting Werregarenstraat are:

  • Do not litter or leave any trash on the street. Use the bins provided or take your waste with you.
  • Do not use any illegal substances or alcohol on the street. This is a public space that should be safe and welcoming for everyone.
  • Do not harass or offend anyone on the street, whether they are artists, visitors, or locals. Respect their privacy and personal space.
  • Do not vandalize or steal any of the artworks or materials on the street. This is a form of art theft and disrespect to the artists and the community.

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