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Zagreb Funicular

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The Zagreb Funicular is a short cable railway that connects the lower and upper towns of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is one of the oldest and shortest funiculars in the world, operating since 1890. The funicular runs on a 66-meter-long track and takes only 64 seconds to reach the top.

The ticket price for the Zagreb Funicular is 5 kuna (about 0.7 euros) for a one-way ride or 8 kuna (about 1.1 euros) for a round trip. You can also use your ZET tram or bus ticket to ride the funicular. The tickets can be bought at the ticket office or from the conductor on board.

The Zagreb Funicular operates every day from 6:30 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 6:30 am to midnight on weekends and holidays. The funicular runs every 10 minutes or more frequently if there is a high demand.

To get to the Zagreb Funicular, you can take tram number 6, 11, 12 or 13 to the Ban Jelačić Square stop and walk for about 5 minutes to the lower station on Tomićeva Street. Alternatively, you can take tram number 1, 6, 11, 12 or 13 to the Ilica Street stop and walk for about 10 minutes to the upper station on Strossmayerovo šetalište.

The Zagreb Funicular is a popular attraction for tourists who want to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the upper town. You can also join a guided tour that includes a ride on the funicular and a visit to some of the most important landmarks in the upper town, such as St. Mark’s Church, Lotrščak Tower, Stone Gate and Museum of Broken Relationships.

The Zagreb Funicular is not only a convenient way to travel between the lower and upper towns, but also a historical and cultural monument that preserves the charm of the past. You can see some of the original features of the funicular, such as the wooden seats, the iron rails and the steam engine that was used until 1934.

Some tips for riding the Zagreb Funicular are:

  • Try to avoid peak hours (8-9 am and 4-6 pm) when the funicular can be crowded with commuters.
  • Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on board and share your photos and videos with your friends and family.
  • Check out the nearby attractions in both lower and upper towns, such as Dolac Market, Zagreb Cathedral, Grič Tunnel and Strossmayer Promenade.

Some prohibitions for riding the Zagreb Funicular are:

  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol on board or at the stations.
  • Do not litter or damage any part of the funicular or its surroundings.
  • Do not lean out of the windows or doors while the funicular is moving.
  • Do not disturb other passengers or staff with loud noises or inappropriate behavior.

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