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Things To Do In Al Bahah – Best Tourist Attractions In Al Bahah

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In this travel guide, we will introduce you to some of the things to do in Al Bahah as well as the best tourist attractions in Al Bahah. Al Bahah is a city in Saudi Arabia that offers a variety of sights and experiences for visitors. You can explore the historical and cultural landmarks of the city, such as the palaces, castles, mosques and museums. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the gardens, parks and mountains that surround the city. If you are looking for more adventure, you can join tours that will take you to the nearby villages, forests and waterfalls. For those who love shopping, you can find many malls, markets and souks that sell local products and handicrafts. And if you want to experience the nightlife of Al Bahah, you can visit the pubs, restaurants and cafes that offer live music, entertainment and delicious cuisine. Al Bahah is also home to several universities and educational institutions that attract students and scholars from around the world. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Al Bahah and the best things to do in Al Bahah that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Al Bahah? Discover the best tourist attractions in Al Bahah:

  1. Dhee Ayn: A historic village built on a white marble hill with natural springs and stunning views.
  2. Raghadan Forest Park: A lush green park with hiking trails, picnic areas, and wildlife sightings.
  3. Prince Hussam Park: A scenic park with a lake, a fountain, and a playground for kids.
  4. Shada Mountain: A rocky mountain with ancient tombs, petroglyphs, and caves to explore.
  5. Al Khair Park: A beautiful park with flowers, palm trees, and a waterfall.
  6. Al Baha Museum: A museum that showcases the history, culture, and heritage of Al Baha region.
  7. Al Baha Tower: A landmark tower that offers panoramic views of the city and the mountains.
  8. Al Qarah Mountain: A mountain with a unique shape and a cool climate.
  9. Al Baha Palace: A historic palace that was once the residence of the governor of Al Baha.
  10. Al Hugairat Heritage Village: A village that preserves the traditional architecture, crafts, and lifestyle of Al Baha.
  11. Al Zaraeb Park: A park that features a lake, a bridge, and a variety of plants and birds.
  12. Bilad Sharq Park: A park that offers recreational facilities, sports courts, and a children’s play area.
  13. Thee Ain Heritage Village: A village that displays the old stone towers, houses, and farms of Al Baha.
  14. Al Mandak Heritage Village: A village that showcases the cultural and historical aspects of Al Baha region.
  15. Wadi Lajab: A valley with a natural pool, a waterfall, and a cave.
  16. Shada Palace: A palace that was built by King Abdulaziz as a summer residence.
  17. Wadi Zee Ain: A valley with a stream, a bridge, and a picnic spot.
  18. Dhi Ghazal: A mountain with a distinctive shape and a rich biodiversity.
  19. Wadi Al Qura: A valley with palm trees, farms, and historical sites.
  20. Jabal Ghulamah: A mountain with hiking trails, camping sites, and scenic views.
  21. Wadi Heetan: A valley with rock formations, fossils, and natural springs.
  22. Jabal Ibrahim: A mountain with religious significance and a mosque on its peak.
  23. Wadi Al Akhdar: A valley with greenery, waterfalls, and orchards.
  24. Jabal Al Akhdar Park: A park that overlooks the green valley and offers picnic facilities and playgrounds.
  25. Wadi Bawan: A valley with a river, a dam, and a fish farm.
  26. Jabal Almaa: A mountain with waterfalls, pools, and caves.
  27. Wadi Tharad: A valley with sand dunes, camel rides, and desert plants.
  28. Jabal Tharad Park: A park that offers sandboarding, quad biking, and camping activities.
  29. Wadi Thee Ghazal: A valley with rock carvings, tombs, and archaeological sites.
  30. Jabal Thee Ghazal Park: A park that features a museum, a garden, and a viewing platform.
  31. Wadi Dhee Bin: A valley with cliffs, canyons, and hiking trails.
  32. Jabal Dhee Bin Park: A park that provides climbing, rappelling, and zip-lining adventures.
  33. Wadi As Surr: A valley with farms, villages, and historical monuments.
  34. Jabal As Surr Park: A park that has a lake, a fountain, and a cultural center.
  35. Wadi Namera: A valley with hot springs, mud baths, and therapeutic benefits.
  36. Jabal Namera Park: A park that offers spa treatments, relaxation areas, and health services.
  37. Wadi Bani Malik: A valley with water channels, bridges, and tunnels.
  38. Jabal Bani Malik Park: A park that has a cable car, a roller coaster, and an amusement park.
  39. Wadi Ulaan: A valley with caves, stalactites, and stalagmites.
  40. Jabal Ulaan Park: A park that has a cave museum, a light show, and an educational center.

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